Stretching the Dollar (50 words)

  Diapers. Milk. Oatmeal. Dinner this week. Toilet paper. Gas for car. Would $30 do? That’s all the money she and her four children had. But she must. $10 gas. Oatmeal for breakfast and dinner. Free lunch at school. No lunch money. Buy diapers and TP. Nothing leftover again this week.   This week’s writing challenge: Find Inspiration in Fifty Words    Continue reading Stretching the Dollar (50 words)

Friends with Benefits

Cliff stood at the hotel room window, looking down onto the passing traffic. From the 7th floor, he had a very good view of all vehicular traffic passing the Sans Souci Hotel. A light evening rain adorned the streets below, patterning little rainbow prisms in the traffic headlights. It was a beautiful ambient evening, perfect for an amorous engagement. He checked his watch. It was 7:10 pm. Where was she? He sighed and took another sip of the Cabernet Sauvignon he had brought two hours earlier. Glass in hand, he paced the floor and checked his watch every few minutes. He had a special evening planned: … Continue reading Friends with Benefits

Early Morning Intruder

From under the blanket, a hand slid up her nightshirt and caressed her hip, her thigh, her buttocks. Deep within her slumber, Desi’s subconscious registered the disturbance. But she remained asleep on her left side in the darkness, as was her custom, facing outwards, oblivious to the sensation. The hand moved deftly up to her breasts to massage them, caressing her skin as it went. Desi moaned something unintelligible and arched her back. The hand immediately withdrew. Her eyes twitched. The sheets rustled as she rubbed her legs together and stretched them. She cracked her toes and curled up once … Continue reading Early Morning Intruder

The Chosen One

It’s World Cup season! Bring it on!! Gary flinched as the paper bag hit him squarely on the back of his head, showering him with peanut shells. His hand instinctively flew up to rub the back of his head at the point of impact. From up in the stands behind him, the home supporters cheered. “Bull’s eye!” someone yelled. “Wanker!” shouted another. The increased catcalls were very audible above the cacophony of 75,000 in attendance. He felt his ears burn and a flush creeping across his cheeks. But his eyes remained fixed on the soccer field and the game in … Continue reading The Chosen One

Keeping It In Perspective

“This has got to be the happiest day of my life! They’re all here to see me on my wedding day!” Tara’s eyes sparkled and she clapped her hands in excitement. She peered through the darkened rear windows of the white limousine as it pulled up in the driveway of the Bethel Anglican Church. She let out a tiny squeal and made a mental note of all the vehicles she recognized in the parking lot. Tara and her fiance, Dan, had been dating for the past 6 months. She thought his marriage proposal was a bit quick, but as they were so in love, she … Continue reading Keeping It In Perspective