Early Morning Intruder

From under the blanket, a hand slid up her nightshirt and caressed her hip, her thigh, her buttocks.

Deep within her slumber, Desi’s subconscious registered the disturbance. But she remained asleep on her left side in the darkness, as was her custom, facing outwards, oblivious to the sensation.

The hand moved deftly up to her breasts to massage them, caressing her skin as it went.

Desi moaned something unintelligible and arched her back.

The hand immediately withdrew.

The Intruder

Her eyes twitched. The sheets rustled as she rubbed her legs together and stretched them. She cracked her toes and curled up once more into her customary sleeping position and pulled the covers up closer to her chin.

Desi’s eyelids grew heavy once more and her body relaxed into the familiar warmth of the bed. Her breathing returned to a natural rhythm as she attempted to return to pre-interrupted sleep. In a few minutes she was back in the arms of Morpheus.

The room regained its stillness accompanied only by sounds of rhythmic breathing.

Under the covers, the hand resumed its stealthy procedure, this time with more purpose. It tugged at her panties. And tugged harder to free the side anchored between her left hip and the mattress.

This disturbance did not go unchecked.

Slowly she came to life.

At first she squinted, then opened one eye. Then the other. She instinctively moistened the inside of her mouth and swallowed.

Her body attempted to come to some consensus with her conscious mind.

A small beam of light streamed in through an aperture in the blinds interrupting the thick darkness of the bedroom.

Desi remained still. Her eyes swiveled downward and caught sight of the glowing LED digital clock on the cable box.

2:15 a.m.

She became acutely aware of something tugging at her underwear. She furrowed her brow as her eyes became adjusted the dark. A great sigh escaped her as she recognized the owner of the hand.

The sheets rustled some more as the owner of the hand settled in closer behind her. On the back of her neck, his breath came in warm and intense.

It had only been 4 hours ago that she fell asleep. She would have to be fully awake in another 3 hours to prepare to effectively match wits with her classroom of 25 fidgety seven year olds.

Damn. I need to get some sleep!

The unwelcome intruder, Desi’s husband, Greg, was unperturbed by her lack of participation. His heart raced faster as he successfully unhinged her underwear and managed to pull them halfway down to her knees. His breath was hot with anticipation against the nape of her neck as he settled in even closer behind her.

“Mom!” Their son entered the room, rubbing his eyes.The 8 year old dragged his blanket behind him. “I had a bad dream. I’m scared!”

Desi pushed her husband aside and adjusted her underwear.

She threw off the covers and sat up, bleary-eyed, but relieved.

“Coming, sweetie,” she called. She walked over and took his hand.

“Mom, can you stay with me?” the youngster implored.

“Of course, honey,” she replied as she exited the room. “I’ll stay with you for as long as you wish.”

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