Fifteen Years

Inspired by The Daily Post’s Weekly Writing Challenge

Fifteen years was a long time to serve a prison sentence for a crime he didn’t commit.

Certainly too long to wait for someone to be released from prison. But still Miranda waited, because that’s the only life she’d ever known.

Her father was incarcerated when she was only 5 years old. So many special moments were stolen from their lives: her first day of school, father-daughter dances, her first date, graduation. Continue reading “Fifteen Years”

One Tiny Detail

“But Dr. Slaughter, I don’t understand why we still can’t get pregnant!”

Kerry was distraught and almost inconsolable. Ever so often a tear escaped her eye and she’d dab at it with a Kleenex. A small pile of used wet tissues lay in the otherwise empty waste basket next to her.

“What’s wrong with us?” she wailed.

She also had a touch of the melodrama. Continue reading “One Tiny Detail”

Trouble, Times Three

“Don’t you girls dare move from that spot!”

It was the voice that had driven the fear of God into hundreds of students each year for the last 20 years.

The three tenth grade girls stood frozen under the plum tree, afraid to move. Becca started whimpering and instantly dropped the plastic bag containing the illicit goods they had already picked. A tiny scream escaped Jackie’s lips. Her pulse was racing so fast, her entire body felt as if it were vibrating independently. Continue reading “Trouble, Times Three”

The New Kid

Mario hated the first day of the school year. At just nine years old, he was starting his fourth school. Teachers at his previous school would use big words to describe him, like “disruptive” and “impulsive”. No one explained to him what that meant. Nor why he always ended up on the “naughty chair”, as Miss Deans called it at his old school. She always seemed so cross with him. Continue reading “The New Kid”

Another man’s war

The early morning sunlight streamed through the apertures of the window blinds casting hazy shadows on the walls. The bedside clock ticked rhythmically towards its appointed hour, where it sounded an alarm at 7:00 o’clock.

Glenn uncovered his head from under the bed sheets and squinted towards the sound. His hand made its way in the direction of the familiar sound and hit the “dismiss” button. Continue reading “Another man’s war”