The Biggest Loser

Biggest loserThe contestants filed into the sales office for the final weigh-in. Chatter filled the room as the last surviving 15 lined up before the official scale.

Raquel gave a sardonic smile as she surveyed the room.

“Easy-peasy,” she thought. “I’m so ready for this! I will be this year’s Biggest Loser!”

They didn’t call her “Bulldog” for nothing. Raquel was the most competitive person of all the account managers. She hit her target each quarter and outdid herself each one after that. Her office was lined with all twelve trophies she had received since she joined the company 6 years ago. She had won more awards than anyone else there and even won one award last year for that too.

One prize that eluded her every time, however, was the title of “Biggest Loser”. Every single year Andrea Cummings, the receptionist, won the prize.

And she’s not even in sales!” Raquel fumed.

Raquel was tall and of average build. She was athletic in her youth, but 2 pregnancies and 15 years had changed all that. But she still looked good for her age.

In truth, this was meant to be a friendly office competition to help staff members to reach their goal weight. They were expected to encourage each other and pair up for exercises and menu ideas. Half of all those who’d started had dropped out already because they just weren’t losing weight or may have gained a pound or two.

But not Raquel. This was a contest and if she was in it, she was in it for the long haul. She only knew how to win. Second place was for suckers!

Raquel had a plan. She was familiar with each person’s weight loss based on the previous weigh in and knew how much weight she had to lose to have the highest percentage weight loss. Her strengthened her resolve. Over the past week, she drank high-fiber vegetable smoothies, she ran, lifted weights, and did hot yoga. She consumed low-fat protein meals and avoided all starchy carbs. She ate so little and exercised so much in this final week, it seemed that she was only being propelled by adrenaline and her desire to win this contest.

The final two left to be weighed were Andrea and Raquel. Andrea went first. 130 lbs. She had lost 20 lbs! 13% of her original body weight.

Raquel’s face fell. She also lost 20 lbs, but that was only 12% of her original body weight. She needed to have lost another pound to be the clear winner.

One more pound and she’d be “Biggest Loser”! If not, then that cow, Andrea, would win the trophy and the $1,000 prize AGAIN!  Raquel refused to lose because of one lousy pound.

“Hold on!” she yelled, when it was her turn to weigh in.

She reached across the desk, grabbed the scissors, and began chopping off her long hair. In her triumph, the scale declared her two pounds – gone!

“Yes! Finally!” she yelled as she punched the air.

She heard them declare her the winner just before she fainted away from hunger and sheer exhaustion.


6 thoughts on “The Biggest Loser

  1. This was so funny! I think this got me chuckling since I have known women (and men) to take off ANY thing to get the scale to show a lower number!
    I know I was following you for some time now, but somehow it said I wasn’t? The word, “Follow” was in the corner of the post, when I pressed, “like.” Anyway, you will get an email from wordpress saying I am following you! This happens once in awhile, but I am not sure if it is truly my ‘fault’ or the way technology sometimes erases things! Smiles, Robin

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