Goodbye Kisses

“Do we have to kiss each other goodbye every morning?”

Wedding ringsLucas had not leaned forward to reciprocate, but stood there wearing that ugly twist to his mouth. His icy tone was contemptuous and unkind.

Becca remained frozen there on tiptoe, lips puckered, ready to give and to receive. She hesitated now, uncertain of how to proceed. She felt her ego deflating like a balloon slowly losing air.

She steadied herself against the wall with one hand while the other instinctively found her stomach as it clenched. She could feel the temperature rising in her face and swallowed as if that would relieve the heat.

Becca peered into Lucas’ eyes, into his soul, to see if she could locate the demon which spoke those words. It needed to be exorcised from her husband immediately. Surely her partner of 8 years would have never uttered those words?

But Becca found only the same cold, unfeeling grey eyes that were there a moment ago staring back at her.

Being denied the customary goodbye kiss that had been incorporated into their daily routine for the past eight years left her feeling empty. Deserted.

This would be like all those other times when Lucas would  suddenly be downright rude to her when the day had been progressing beautifully thus far. She had done nothing to deserve this, she reasoned. He had no right to make her feel so small.

She steadied herself on her feet and inhaled deeply.

“No, Lucas. We don’t have to kiss goodbye any morning,” she answered.

Her breath caught in her throat and she could feel her eyes starting to mist, but she would not give him the satisfaction of seeing her break down.

She exited the room to awaken the children for school just as the first teardrop escaped down her cheek.


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