Fifteen Years

Inspired by The Daily Post’s Weekly Writing Challenge

Fifteen years was a long time to serve a prison sentence for a crime he didn’t commit.

Certainly too long to wait for someone to be released from prison. But still Miranda waited, because that’s the only life she’d ever known.

Her father was incarcerated when she was only 5 years old. So many special moments were stolen from their lives: her first day of school, father-daughter dances, her first date, graduation.

Rose_herbarium_specimenMiranda’s high school diploma had pride of place on her mom’s living room wall. On the mantelpiece, a pressed rose from her prom corsage was displayed on a slip of cardboard in its own frame alongside her graduation photo. Her dad’s old room key still hung from the orange wire on the rack near the front door just as he had left it before his unfortunate incarceration.

The sparsely furnished living room housed a couch, love-seat, and television. There weren’t too many reasons for happy family gatherings here.

Today, however, was reason for celebration. Miranda’s father was being released from prison. After 15 years, the DNA from the real armed robber was discovered on the gunbelt still in the state’s evidence room. Lawyers from “The Innocence Project” had worked quickly thereafter to secure papers for his release. And now, with his son, he was en route from the facility and would be home in about 30 minutes.

Miranda busied herself cleaning up the family home. It was already in immaculate condition but she had to do something with her hands until her brother returned. Her mom also would not remain still for long, but kept moving about, rearranging her various trinkets. In the dining room, she laid out her best tableware that she used on special occasions: the teapot decorated with sad bats and silverware she and her husband had received as wedding gifts 22 years ago.

Outside, a horn beeped as a car entered the driveway. He was home.

In this week’s challenge we’re asked  to write a new post using some nouns from various sources. If you’re on Twitter, @reply the Twitter handle, @YouAreCarrying with the word “inventory” or simply, the letter, “i” and you’ll receive a list of items in reply. 

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