Striking a Chord

“Ninety dollars is all I can give you for it,” the pawnbroker offered.

Luis replied, “Are you sure you can’t pay the $200? It’s actually worth much more than that.”

It’s worth the last two years of my life, Luis thought. Two years of memories, highs and lows with the love of my life.  Continue reading “Striking a Chord”

Hardly a Sidekick

This post was inspired by the Weekly Writing Challenge: My Dear Watson.

Mack was the first friend I made at my first job, when I was fresh out of high school, and is the keeper of all my secrets. She knows where I have all the bodies buried and I am well acquainted with all the skeletons in her closets. Continue reading “Hardly a Sidekick”

The Friendship Manifesto

This post is inspired by this week’s Writing Challenge: Manifesto.

Having failed miserably to secure any meaningful friendships, after living in the same area for 11 years, I’m submitting a “Want-Ad” for potential platonic companions.

For my part, I declare to be a true friend, as can be attested by my current lifelong best buddies scattered across the world. I will never sell or otherwise disclose your secrets. I will cry with you, empathize with you, sympathize with you, and most of all, respect you. I promise to help you carry your baggage if you’ll help me carry mine. Continue reading “The Friendship Manifesto”

The Other Twin

“I have to leave today, Olivia. I’m flying to Venice.” Zara’s bags were packed and waiting in the living room.

Olivia stopped chopping vegetables and turned from the kitchen counter to face her twin sister.

“What do you mean, you ‘have to leave today’? You just got here five days ago!” she contended. Continue reading “The Other Twin”

My School Bully

Inspired by The Daily Post’s Weekly Writing Challenge:

This week, we’re asking you to write a memoir. The way in which you choose to share your memoir — be it a story, poem, flash non-fiction, or a song — is entirely up to you.

It seems I was always fair game for Kerry-Anne, the school bully. Continue reading “My School Bully”