The Friendship Manifesto

This post is inspired by this week’s Writing Challenge: Manifesto.

Having failed miserably to secure any meaningful friendships, after living in the same area for 11 years, I’m submitting a “Want-Ad” for potential platonic companions.

For my part, I declare to be a true friend, as can be attested by my current lifelong best buddies scattered across the world. I will never sell or otherwise disclose your secrets. I will cry with you, empathize with you, sympathize with you, and most of all, respect you. I promise to help you carry your baggage if you’ll help me carry mine.

My requirements for YOU are as follows:

  • Be open-minded.
  • Male or female. 30+ years old.
  • Not necessarily married.
  • Comfortable around children. Bonus if you have your own.
  • Liberal/non-religious. Conversations may will fall in the gutter.
  • Able to converse without getting loaded with alcohol first.
  • No drugs, please.
  • Don’t be overly opinionated.
  • Exercise is encouraged.
  • Willing to shoot the breeze all night, if needed.
  • Shoulders may be needed to cry on from time to time.
  • Bonus if a fan of British drama, European football, Game of Thrones (would provide talking points, but not critical)
  • Please note – no room for personal drama whatsoever or jealous boyfriends/girlfriends. Been there, done that…

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