Writer’s Block (Tanka)

The unwritten words
Trapped within my subconscious
Wanting to escape
But lodged in cavernous realms
Unable to venture out

My fingers hover
Over the keyboard, waiting
But inspiration
Escapes my fatigued senses
Elopes with my eloquence

Quill clipart

Am I not worthy, Muse?
You’ve inspired Homer’s tales:
“Iliad” and “Odyssey”
I, too, presented off’rings
But he was your fav’rite scribe

Why, Calliope,
Must you torment me this way?
Let my words fly free!
Writing is my catharsis
Venting an intense release


Inspired by this week’s Writing Challenge: Genre Blender  (“Mash up different genres and writing styles in your post.”)
I’ve written a rant to the muse Calliope in the form of a Tanka poem. I wonder if she’ll respond?

4 thoughts on “Writer’s Block (Tanka)

  1. Well done! I like it – although I don’t believe in writer’s block. It simply means you haven’t defined what you want to say. The more you limit yourself to a topic, the less the blockage. That’s my theory anyway. Write about everything and you’ll write about nothing… But a great response to the challenge!

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    1. Thanks! You may have a point there about writer’s block. I started out on a completely different mission and ended up with this poem. So it turned out okay, I guess 🙂 I will try to limit myself less 🙂


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