Change of Plans

“So, when are you getting married, Antonio?” Mrs. B asked.

“Next year, mom.”

“‘Next year’ again! You say the same thing every year, Antonio, and you’re still not married. You’re 40 years old! You’ve been seeing all these young girls and never settling down! When are you going to marry the mother of your kids?”

“Mom, don’t pressure me! And stay out of my sex life!”

“That girl isn’t going to wait around for you, you know!”

It was the same conversation almost every time Antonio and his mom got together.

Antonio’s fiancée, Graciela, complained bitterly to Mrs. B that Antonio still wasn’t interested in settling down with her after four years. She was ready to throw in the towel. His mom suggested that perhaps having children would encourage him to finally settle down with her.

So, against her better judgement and thinking that this must work, Graciela “forgot” to take her birth control pills for a month and “accidentally” got pregnant. Antonio’s mother was overjoyed.

“My first grandchild!” she exclaimed, and hugged them both tightly when they gave her the good news. “Now you two must be getting married! When’s the wedding date?” she asked.

But there was no wedding date forthcoming this time. And none even after the second child was born. Or the third.

Ten years after they began dating there were still no wedding plans being made. Mrs. B was annoyed. She badgered Antonio about it every time they saw each other and this became a bone of contention in their relationship.

Graciela, 35, was certainly more than slightly irritated when she found out that the girl down the street, Marika, a 20 year old shop girl, was pregnant with Antonio’s child. ‘Violent,’ may have been the word used on the police report to describe Graciela’s actions.

After he was released from the emergency room that night, Antonio moved back in with his mom. He now pays rent to her, in addition to paying child support to the mothers of his four children.


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