“I can’t say with certainty when our marriage began to fall apart. The truth is, I probably just wasn’t paying attention.”

Miko rubbed his chin and continued to look slightly confused.

“I remember there was a point in time when she seemed to have reached an emotional plateau. Well, she said something like that anyway. She didn’t smile as much with me or the children anymore. She never yelled at us, but she stopped smiling. She had a beautiful smile.”

He trailed off at this, almost as if he could picture her smiling face during better times.

“I just can’t believe she took everything and moved out. The furniture, the children, the dog…” he trailed off and shook his head.

He kept checking his phone, hoping perhaps for a message or a phone call, which never came.

“I’ve tried calling her, but she won’t answer. She won’t answer my text messages either.”

“Did you notice any changes in her behavior, Miko?” I asked. “Was she staying out late or anything? Strange phone calls?”

Miko shrugged. “She worked late all the time, but she’d get home by 7 pm. I mean, she has a stressful job and she has to work late sometimes. But no strange phone calls that I can remember.”

“So, Miko, what do you think happened?” I pressed him for more answers. My cousin Miko was not the most observant person that you’d meet and frequently missed cues. “You must have done something or noticed something. A happily-married woman doesn’t just take her children and walk out of an 8-year relationship. Did she say anything?”

“Nothing. I mean, she used to always complain that I wasn’t paying enough attention to her, that I didn’t buy her anything or didn’t take her out. But then she stopped complaining after a while. I just figured she was having a bad week and then got over that.”

He scratched his chin and glanced at his phone.

“Actually,” he continued, “she did say a few months ago that I didn’t have to worry about any of that stuff again.”

“What do you mean?” I asked. “No woman ever ‘just got over’ anything! She was telling you that she was fed up with you!”

Miko cocked his head to one side and squinted at me. “You think so?”

I rolled my eyes as he continued to check for messages on his phone.

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