Converge (Photo Challenge)

Prompted by this week’s photo challenge: Converge. Please click on the photos for the full experience.

Three military vessels converge here: WWII Battleship USS Massachusetts, 1945 Destroyer USS Joseph P.Kennedy, Jr, and 1942 submarine USS Lionfish.

Battleship Cove, MA
Battleship Cove, MA

Fans converge on the streets of Boston to follow and cheer on the Marcus Santos and Bloco AfroBrazil street band.

Converge 1
Berklee BeanTown Jazz Festival
Converge 2
Marcus Santos and Bloco AfroBrazil

9 thoughts on “Converge (Photo Challenge)

    1. I just commented on someone else’s blog that I didn’t remember they had made another Star Wars movie! Got to plan for that.

      I warned you about getting too excited about things! Be careful. Where else will I get my dose of satire from?

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