Gone, But not forgotten

Inspired by this week’s Photo Challenge by the Daily Post. “Show us what “gone, but not forgotten” means to you.”

One of the highlights of my year was finally getting to visit King Richard’s Faire. Every year I plan to do it and then promptly forget until the season is over. This year, however, I dragged my family there, kicking and screaming, on the first weekend it opened. I’m very fascinated by medieval times and I remember in high school that this was the first time I started paying attention in history class, and it eventually inspired me to study various historical periods over the next decade.

For me, both the experience of attending and the historical period itself, are gone, but not forgotten.

My favorite part of the day was eating a massive smoked turkey leg the jousting events. This brought the crowds, the pomp (King Richard himself!), and circumstance. We didn’t go in costume, as many others did, and we’ll definitely return next year!


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