Winter (Tanka)

Temperatures plummet
As December draws to close
Winter is coming
My joints cry out for mercy ~
I should be hibernating!

Snow gently invades,
Quietly builds its kingdom
Wintry wonderland?
Snow forts, snowball fights, snowmen ~
The white stuff is not my friend

SnowmenAt winter solstice
Days are short; nights are longer
How can we endure?
But festivities ‘waken
Our spirits for the season

Let the feasts begin!
“Io Saturnalia, peeps!”
“Happy Hanukkah!”
And “Merry Christmas” to you!
Winter’s cold brings warm hearts too

2 thoughts on “Winter (Tanka)

  1. O I am soooo hot (temperature-wise). I just mowed the lawn and then had a cold shower. I wish it wasn’t so hot and sticky. Oh the inconvenience of having to prepare a cold ham with a lettuce salad for tonight’s dinner. Anyway – enjoy the Christmas Day!!!!

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