Careless Talk

It began with a whisper on Monday
No one paid attention at first.
Just a wink and a glance and a nod
Barely mentioned in knitting circles.

By Wednesday someone sprinkled it
With pepper and gave it some flavor.
Loose lips to willing ears
Spreading stories like wildfire.

“I know someone who knew someone who probably saw something–
(They didn’t know what exactly)–
But you know what they say:
‘If it’s not true, it must nearly be true!’ “

Careless talk wended its way through our lives
Like fog enveloping everything in its path
No one saw it creeping into our community
And now it’s occluded our vision and our thoughts.

So the chin-wagging continues
Like washer-women at the clothesline
And by Friday, the story had taken on a whole new life
And no one cares about hearing the truth…or about who got hurt.

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