You’re Late!

This person crossed my mind today and I just had to share this story again.

Short...but not always so sweet 💋

Female Face - miffed“You’re 45 minutes late, you idiot!”Lola screamed.

She always screamed at him.

“Honey…” Karl began, but she cut him off. She always cut him off mid-sentence.

“I’ve been here since 12:00 o’clock, you fool! You’re always wasting my time!”

A blood vessel along her left temple pumped furiosly. After 3 years together, Karl was used to Lola’s screaming and berating, but never in a place as public as this. It was her office building and just about everyone here was familiar with the two of them.

By now the entire lobby of the Mutual Life Insurance Company was filled with curious onlookers. Clients were here to open accounts, pay their bills, or perform some other transaction. Her co-workers were here as well. Some were conducting business, going to lunch, or returning from lunch. It was the busiest time of day and Karl and Lola were in full view of…

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