Thanks for dropping in! Feel free to look around.

I enjoy writing flash fiction. I’m usually very good at starting them, but the endings always present a bit of a challenge. However, I do take pleasure in not knowing how the story will end until I’m almost there.

Just like life, isn’t it? 😉

These are all original short stories that I’ve penned down. Perhaps you could find yourself in any one of these situations, too.

Please click on these selected shorts below for a sample offering.

Thanks for stopping by!

Mis pantalones son tus pantalones.

Selected Shorts

~ BB


16 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. A great looking blog you’ve created here. Love the idea of ‘flash fiction too! Thank you also for the like on my blog, much appreciated!


  2. Hey there, I recently transferred my Epik Fails of History blog to a new server off of WordPress, but in doing so I lost all my WordPress followers. Just wanted to reach out and see if I could add you to the new newsletter. Feel free to E-mail me at ErikSlader@gmail.com or visit the new site at EpikFails.com Thank you 🙂


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