The Wedding Party

“Clio! Did you see the bride? She’s gorgeous!” Clio didn’t look up from her journaling, but nodded in consent. Melpomene nudged her again. “Clio! Look at the bridal party on the steps! They’re beautiful! Look!” She was beginning to lose … Continue reading The Wedding Party

“That Thing”

“You know what I miss more than anything else?” I asked.

“Sunshine and 80 degree weather?” he suggested.

I laughed. “Yes, God knows I miss that! It’s below 30 degrees today!”

We were seated  in our usual place in the far corner of the coffee shop watching the snow gently falling outside. I’m a tropical person and after living here for 10 years, I still have yet to get used to this cold, unfeeling weather. He, who was born and raised in this icy climate, takes the weather changes in stride. He knows no other way.

I continued. “I miss having great sex.” Continue reading ““That Thing””