The Unreliable Narrator: The Talent Show

“Talentless hacks! Unsophisticated has-beens! Blind idiots! We were cheated, I tell you!!”

Opal related the story to her audience at the hairdresser’s salon for the umpteenth time. “They were all just bursting with jealousy at my gorgeous Raquel. Those other contestants were horrid, to say the least! As far as I’m concerned, no one there was more beautiful or more talented or more confident than Raquel.”

The other ladies in the salon looked on, but offered no opinion.

“Raquel had an outstanding performance. She was the Prima Ballerina and yet they denied her the main prize. I was right there. I even saw her on stage helping one of the more obviously inept dancers with her ballet positions. She wasn’t nearly as talented as my baby.” Continue reading “The Unreliable Narrator: The Talent Show”

An Interview With Grief

“I feel as if all the joy has been sucked out of me,” Dawn remarked. “I’ve never mourned for anyone before in my life.”

She stopped for a moment to compose herself. She smoothed out her skirt and adjusted her position on my sofa.

I tried to read her facial expression and body language from the moment she entered my office and sat down. She was well-poised and graceful, and possessed an inner sadness that belied the shaky smile that did not reach her eyes. Continue reading “An Interview With Grief”