Her Place in the Universe

Inspired by this week’s writing challenge: Know thyself. A common axiom, it’s a phrase that can carry many meanings, ranging from know who you are to know your place in the universe. “Come on, Alexis, you’re halfway through. Focus now.” the school … Continue reading Her Place in the Universe

The Other Twin

“I have to leave today, Olivia. I’m flying to Venice.” Zara’s bags were packed and waiting in the living room.

Olivia stopped chopping vegetables and turned from the kitchen counter to face her twin sister.

“What do you mean, you ‘have to leave today’? You just got here five days ago!” she contended. Continue reading “The Other Twin”

The New Kid

Mario hated the first day of the school year. At just nine years old, he was starting his fourth school. Teachers at his previous school would use big words to describe him, like “disruptive” and “impulsive”. No one explained to him what that meant. Nor why he always ended up on the “naughty chair”, as Miss Deans called it at his old school. She always seemed so cross with him. Continue reading “The New Kid”