“I can’t say with certainty when our marriage began to fall apart. The truth is, I probably just wasn’t paying attention.”

Miko rubbed his chin and continued to look slightly confused.

“I remember there was a point in time when she seemed to have reached an emotional plateau. Well, she said something like that anyway. She didn’t smile as much with me or the children anymore. She never yelled at us, but she stopped smiling. She had a beautiful smile.”

He trailed off at this, almost as if he could picture her smiling face during better times.

“I just can’t believe she took everything and moved out. The furniture, the children, the dog…” he trailed off and shook his head. Continue reading “Confused”

The Other Twin

“I have to leave today, Olivia. I’m flying to Venice.” Zara’s bags were packed and waiting in the living room.

Olivia stopped chopping vegetables and turned from the kitchen counter to face her twin sister.

“What do you mean, you ‘have to leave today’? You just got here five days ago!” she contended. Continue reading “The Other Twin”


The taxi sped along the bumpy, narrow road where the early morning dew had settled on the flora growing along the sidewalk. Crisp country air infused with the scent of lavender poured in through the front windows of the cab. Dulcie looked wistfully through the window and repeatedly wound her handkerchief around the index finger of her left hand. It was a 2 hour ride to the George William Gordon International Airport in Clarendon. The ticket in Dulcie’s handbag read that her flight was scheduled to depart at 10:00 am. They were driving along Bamboo Avenue, a narrow thoroughfare where … Continue reading Emigration