The Biggest Loser

The contestants filed into the sales office for the final weigh-in. Chatter filled the room as the last surviving 15 lined up before the official scale. Raquel gave a sardonic smile as she surveyed the room. “Easy-peasy,” she thought. “I’m so ready for this! I will be this year’s Biggest Loser!” They didn’t call her “Bulldog” for nothing. Raquel was the most competitive person of all the account managers. She hit her target each quarter and outdid herself each one after that. Her office was lined with all twelve trophies she had received since she joined the company 6 years ago. She had … Continue reading The Biggest Loser

The Chosen One

It’s World Cup season! Bring it on!! Gary flinched as the paper bag hit him squarely on the back of his head, showering him with peanut shells. His hand instinctively flew up to rub the back of his head at the point of impact. From up in the stands behind him, the home supporters cheered. “Bull’s eye!” someone yelled. “Wanker!” shouted another. The increased catcalls were very audible above the cacophony of 75,000 in attendance. He felt his ears burn and a flush creeping across his cheeks. But his eyes remained fixed on the soccer field and the game in … Continue reading The Chosen One