Change of Plans

“So, when are you getting married, Antonio?” Mrs. B asked.

“Next year, mom.”

“‘Next year’ again! You say the same thing every year, Antonio, and you’re still not married. You’re 40 years old! You’ve been seeing all these young girls and never settling down! When are you going to marry the mother of your kids?”

“Mom, don’t pressure me! And stay out of my sex life!” Continue reading “Change of Plans”

Lifelong Friends

For this week’s writing challenge, add a dash of magic and a touch of surrealism to your writing. Write a fictional piece that incorporates the everyday life we’re familiar with — work, family, errands — and add a surprise twist through an imaginary character, absurd turn of events, or Sci-Fi-esque setting.

The bell above the entrance to the coffee house tinkled and I glanced at my watch. It was 6:00 pm.

I looked up from my Caffe Mocha and waved to him. He nodded and smiled back, then made his way over to the barrista to place his order.

A few minutes later, John was at my table. He threw his backpack on the floor before plopping down on the seat before me.

“You’re late,” I chided him, and took a sip of my coffee. Continue reading “Lifelong Friends”

Striking a Chord

“Ninety dollars is all I can give you for it,” the pawnbroker offered.

Luis replied, “Are you sure you can’t pay the $200? It’s actually worth much more than that.”

It’s worth the last two years of my life, Luis thought. Two years of memories, highs and lows with the love of my life.  Continue reading “Striking a Chord”

Hardly a Sidekick

This post was inspired by the Weekly Writing Challenge: My Dear Watson.

Mack was the first friend I made at my first job, when I was fresh out of high school, and is the keeper of all my secrets. She knows where I have all the bodies buried and I am well acquainted with all the skeletons in her closets. Continue reading “Hardly a Sidekick”