Friends with Benefits

Cliff stood at the hotel room window, looking down onto the passing traffic. From the 7th floor, he had a very good view of all vehicular traffic passing the Sans Souci Hotel. A light evening rain adorned the streets below, patterning little rainbow prisms in the traffic headlights. It was a beautiful ambient evening, perfect for an amorous engagement. He checked his watch. It was 7:10 pm. Where was she? He sighed and took another sip of the Cabernet Sauvignon he had brought two hours earlier. Glass in hand, he paced the floor and checked his watch every few minutes. He had a special evening planned: … Continue reading Friends with Benefits

Left In The Dust

Kate’s head whipped around to follow the object that had just caught her eye as her lover’s car sped past hers in the opposite direction. She pulled over to the side of the highway and waited, expecting that he would double back. Two leather-clad bikers flew past without paying her any mind. Emissions from the well-traveled highway slipped through the vents and invaded the vehicle, even with the windows up and the air-conditioning on. She wrinkled her nose at the highway odor and watched as a fast food wrapper tumbled by in the wind. “Let’s spend this weekend at my … Continue reading Left In The Dust